Tips for Supplying Artwork

Supplying us with PDF files

The best format to supply your artwork in is the Adobe PDF format. PDFs should be generated at a high resolution of 300dpi to ensure the best results when printed.

Image bleed on print edge

If you require your artwork to be printed to the edge of the media you will need to add an extra 3mm image that "bleeds" over the edge and is cut away in the finishing process.

Colour Profile

All artwork must be converted to the CMYK colour profile before supplying. Converting your artwork to CMYK will allow you to check how the colours will look once printed in CMYK. It is important to note that some colours available in RGB are not reproducible in the CMYK process.

Artwork Resolution

300 DPI

The minimum, required resolution of your pixel images is 300 dpi and is required to ensure your artwork prints clearly and without 'pixelation'.

600 DPI

Even though 300 dpi resolution is sufficient, we recommend that you supply your artwork at a higher resolution of 600 dpi. This will ensure that any bitmapped fine or small text displays correctly.

200 DPI

Because Large Format artwork (A2 and above) is so large, setting them at 300 or 600 dpi can generate huge files. We recommend a minimum of 200 dpi for this artwork. Quality isn't such an issue with large format due to it, typically, being viewed from a distance.

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